Our Process


Milling of the grain is the first step of the brewing process. Malt kernels are crushed into smaller particles in preparation for mashing and lautering. The various milling processes are managed carefully to maintain the balance between a grind that is too fine and one that is too coarse.


The spent grain or “mash” produced in our mash tun is a source of renewable/sustainable energy. It ends up at a local cattle farm’s biodigester along with other organic wastes from various industries, where the grains are converted into methane gas. The gas is burned in an electric generator that feeds energy directly to the electrical grid. On top of that, the leftover material in the digestor can be used as digestate to fertilize crops around the farm that can one day become beer again! We also use this spent grain to make delicious, all natural and organic dog treats for your four-legged bestie!


Once we’ve created our sugary wort in the mash tun the next step is to transfer it to the boil kettle. Here, we bring our wort to a rolling boil and add our hops based on a combination of personal preference and long standing traditions. After an hour or so of boiling the liquid is ready to be cooled and transferred to a fermenter.


In the brewing industry the saying goes, “brewers make wort, yeast make beer.” So this is the time for the yeast to go to work. As the cooled wort fills the fermenter, billions of yeast cells are added and the process of fermentation begins. The tiny living yeast cells convert the sugars made in the mash tun into alcohol and co2. Beer!


After weeks or months in the fermentor the yeast have done their work and the beer is ready to be filtered (or not), carbonated and packaged. We package into cans, kegs and, occasionally, bottles.


Of course, maybe the most important step is the delivery. Without delivery we could not share our amazing beer with you. Shane 2.0 delivers our beers weekly to local Grocery, LCBO, Beer Stores and licensees. We also delivery and ship beer throughout Ontario at shop.frankbeer.ca

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